Welcome to Heavenly Askahic Readings,

My name is Malkiel and I would like to introduce you to the benefits of Akashic Record Readings and how they can be life changing and soul affirming.

From a very young age I was aware of my soul's purpose to help bring Heaven to Earth. Like everyone else, the journey has had its ups and downs, and I feel completely humbled and blessed to have been led by my guides to a place of convergence where all of my gifts have merged into one place with Akashic Readings. 

As a certified Akashic Consultant, I am here to help bring light to your issues and to be guided by your Akashic helpers to clear away blocks from all lifetimes, especially those that continue to block you from accessing your joy, peace and hope for the future. 

During a reading, your guides can provide valuable information for you, as well as clearing of anger, grief, anxiety, and a variety of other old patterns that have burdened you throughout time and dimensions. 

It is a very exciting time to be able to provide readings as mankind is waking up to the calling of the soul, and is in search of a more meaningful and productive living. The Akashic Records have been closed to most everyone's access for a very long time. Now, as we open, so do the records open to our conscious awareness, and we can finally hear once again the calling of our souls to become our authentic selves. As this unfolds, so does a new world and Heaven is experienced here on Earth. 

  • Have you tried making changes in your life or find answers without satisfying, longlasting success?
  • Are you aware that something that you cannot quite put your finger on has always been missing?
  • Has success and abundance just been out of reach?
  • Does it feel that stresses and traumas have you caged, you cannot get free of them, the weight of your burdens is just too much?
  • Have you just begun to be aware of energy, are awakening to your true self and feel overwhelmed by it all?
  • Are you an experienced traveller and need a boost of confirmation or clarity of direction? 

One, or more, Akashic Readings, where your records only are accessed can 

clear away limitations, 

empower you to embrace your divine purpose and live solutions to your troubles,

and reunite you with your soul.

I have experienced for myself just how unique and effective accessing the Akashic Records can be. So it is very exciting for me to be able to provide this service to you. It is my honor to bring creativity, integrity, understanding, compassion to your sessions, and to be a witness of your unique self. I see now that my lifelong belief that Heaven can be experienced here on Earth is an actuality!

Your soul is waiting to talk with you directly from your Akashic Records.

Specialities: PTSD, grief, anger, loss of purpose, spiritual healers... and so many more!

Other applications of Akashic Readings: Akashic Readings are not just for humans, they are also for the land, animals and businesses! Land often holds trauma from being adjusted by man and can hold (until cleared) traumas such as war and unrest. Animals can experience similar holding on to human energies - they are spiritual beings in their own right. Your business is another kind of entity with a purpose and has its own records separate from your own.  

Pricing: Donation basis. Paypal and etransfer accepted. 

Contact: Why wait for things to change - embrace your life - YOU are the change you have been waiting for!

For more information please contact me at cdhc111 at gmail.com . Please enter Akashic Reading in the subject line. 

Thank you for your patience as the website is being built.


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Here is an opportunity to listen to sacred Tibetan singing bowls being played to help support Mother Earth's health. Each has a theme and message which brings a new perspective and healing for ourselves, as well as for Mother Earth. 

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Stillpoint Moments (starting in December, 2018)

Starting in December, 2018 on the first and third Friday of each month at 8:45 pm Atlantic Standard Time, I will be providing a free 5 minute sacred Tibetan bowl healing for healers & energy workers as a time to recharge batteries and reset their vibrations to higher frequencies.

For more information click on Sound Healing page above.

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In the future I plan to bring this service to other communities such as those suffering with PTSD and to the children with eating disorders and/or their family members/friends.