Animal Communication

My best teachers over the last 20 years of working with energy have been my animal clients. They have taught me about forgiveness, compassion and just how much they love their human companions. They have taught me about the importance of saying "I love you" out loud.

As a Professional Animal Communicator, my role is to improve your relationship, work with you and your companion animal to find solutions to problems and to help you learn to hear what your animal is telling on a deeper level. 

I have studied with some of the world's leading Animal Communicators and have served hundreds of animals. 

For those who are grieving the loss of a dear friend, my role is to help you through that grief and to bring any messages forward to you from your friend.

Pricing: A regular session of $70.00 includes 1 hour communication with the animal followed by a 1 hour meeting (via phone or internet) with the human. Additional time is $35.00/hr. 

In person meetings are possible. The same hourly rate applies. Travel time could apply. 

Contact: To set up an appointment or to submit questions please feel free to email me at cdhc111 at