In the process of my own journey I have been blessed to remember many abilities from past lives. One of them, I believe, is the playing of sacred Tibetan singing bowls. This is a unique style of vibrational energy clearing that is driven by a person's intentions. This makes a session an interactive and empowering experience. These Bowl Beings innately connect with the person or animal for whom the bowls are being played for and clear at the level the being is at in the moment.  

Treatments have been given for end-of-life clearing, stroke and head trauma, grief and personal transformation. 

I feel, though, that the greatest benefit of having these singing bowl sessions comes from what I have learned from these sacred beings. I have been thaught by the Bowl Beings that we humans, as a species, are becoming more removed from what I call Divine Original Vibrational Energy. These are the vibrations that we know from the origins of our cosmic hearts and eternal souls. As we move further away from them in our busy lives, eating lower vibrational food  and giving our attention to lower vibrational thoughts, we move further away from being able to hear these original sounds that lay at the heart of our DNA. I firmly believe, and have seen, that receiving sessions  of a few simple minutes on a regular basis, people can be reunited with these timeless vibrations that cement the soul and heart together and remind them of the Divinity of the Universe. Without this exposure, we, now more than, ever lose our way and become hopeless - forgetting that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. 

I am blessed with a large family of antique Tibetan bowls and other sound instruments like tuning forks, flutes and chimes. When in concert for someone - alone or combined - the concert that unfolds is unique for that  person, for their intention and for their specific need even if unknown to either of us. The background vibrational beings include some very special crystals and other cosmic fur bearing beings. 

Pricing: A single singing bowl session is $25.00 for a 15 minute telephone session. A session includes discussion time and bowl playing time. The best results can be experienced with frequent (ie daily or every few day) playing. Frequent sessions the price is reduced to $20.00. 

At times, during an Akashic Reading the guides ask me to help with the integration of energy by using the bowls. In these circumstances there is no extra charge for the bowl playing. 

Contact: To set up an appointment please contact me at cdhc111 at

I have recenlty found a phone app that is able to translate vibration into picture form. These are pictures of a few of the Bowl Beings in my life. It truly reflects the transformational properties that come with these ancient beings

Sound Healing with Malkiel

Stillpoint Moments

It is a great privilege to be led by Spirit to initiate the FREE service of Stillpoint Moments. Starting December, 2018 I will be offering a bi-monthly free sacred Tibetan singing bowl respite for fellow energy workers.

Many years ago I received the message that one of my purposes here on this earth is to provide healing for the healers. Finally, the opportunity has revealed itself, and comes at a time when more and more energy workers need vibrational food to keep themselves sustained so they can keep their clients sustained. I have been guided that the environment be free of speaking (except for stated guidelines and intention) so the energy worker can focus solely on themselves. It is a 5 minute break (that may well feel like an hour) to stop to remember who you are, still your mind and dance with sacred frequencies. 

If you are an energy worker in need of a mini-vacation, please email me at stillpointmoments at for dates, times, guidelines and meeting information. 

In the future I would also like to offer similar sessions to those suffering with PTSD and eating disorders. Family/friends will be welcome as well.