My goal is that I support you on your journey as you nurture and discover (really rediscover) your true self. Here is a sample of some of the tools that I have been asked to create, either directly by a client or by their higher self calling the tool into being. 

Emotional & Environmental Supports by Malkiel

Finger Labyrinths 

For anyone who has walked a labyrinth you know the  mental, physical, emotional and spiritual benefits that come from following the paths. A labyrinth is not a maze, it is a sacred, ancient walkway that works with the brain, especially the 7 circuit style.  The same benefits can be realized when using your finger tips to do the walking! this makes "walking" a labyrinth someone virtually anyone can do.  These are labyrinths that I have carved by hand without the use of power tools. Pictured is a 3 circuit labyrinth that I carved for a young man who had had a severe brain injury that provided comfort and assisted in his rehabilitation. Even just laying a hand on a 7 circuit labyrinth can help relieve pain, bring inner peace and bring body and mind into more balance. 

I also create uniquely styled finger labyrinths like those pictured right.

Sacred Geometry - Healing designs and Soul Essence designs

Here is an example of a healing design that I have channeled and a soul essence that was orignally drown in 2 diminensions and then was adapted to a finger labyrinth so the person could experience feeling their soul. 

I also create Healing designs using other mediums. A Healing design embodies beauty through the use of color, and vitality through the application of lines and shapes that the soul responds to in kind. Each piece is further endowed with the cosmic energy of the sun, the moon, crystals, words and my love.

The Intendeds

One day a few years ago I was inspired by a friend who had made a ceremonial necklace for me. I knew the piece was made with love, but I became aware the piece held additional energy in it. I came to understand one of my gifts was to make jewelery that was infused with energy. As I followed this inspiration, I was led to create what my guides told me are The Intendeds - bracelets, anklets, calming strings, pendulums and space making/clearing tools that would hold a channeled intention for the recipient.

Pictured here are a few examples. 

Healing blankets, prayer shawls/yamakas, kneeling benches

Taught by my grandmother from very early on, I have enjoyed (especially when hybernating in winter) the craft of crocheting. Learning from The Intendeds that jewelery can carry positive intentions, I began creating blankets, shawls and yamakas that were similar representations of the Divine created for the Divine in you. Having discovered pattern books for prayer shawls it is my dream to add this gift to my line of products.

Each blanket goes through rigorous testing by a feline friend to insure it passes the vibrational frequency test before the ends are sown in.

Being a believer in the power of prayer, promoting comfort and opportunities to meditate and share an exchange with a power greater than oneself, kneeling stools are also available to order. Only responsibly harvested wood is used in all wood products. 


Other environmental supports for people, land and animal

Working with Mother Earth is a passion of mine. Having clear, positive energies inside or outside a living environment is part of our what makes up our overall health. Whether it is shifting earth energies, clearing historical energies held in the land, offering suggestions for EMF proetection, or bringing supportive new energies to your home, land and farm it is my privilege to offering up a helping hand.



Perhaps the greatest joy I get is helping people who are sensitive to energies (or just discovering about energy) find their way in a world that is overwhelming with manmade and unresolved emotional energy that impacts one's environment. With many years experience in teaching, exploring and now researching energy I am thrilled to pass along what I have learned and nurture your own abilities as you uncover your own unique connection to the world.

Pricing varies based on the product desired and issue at hand so please contact me with your questions at

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